Thanks to the bi-directional integration developed by us, it is possible to receive updates on the live status of the service from SNAG-View in OTRS and i-doit. In addition, an OTRS ticket can be created and edited in all three systems. Also, all IT inventory objects can be represented, adopted for monitoring and associated with tickets in SNAG-View and OTRS.


i-doit Premium Partner

As a premium partner for i-doit, Sector Nord AG with its experienced specialists provides users and newcomers to i-doit with individual services that are rounded off by its own add-ons "OTRS" and "SNAG-View".


SNAG-View is a monitoring suite based on open source tools developed by Sector Nord AG. More than 100 customers from all sectors of the economy trust SNAG-View.

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With "Vision" we have developed a module for the browser interface IcingaWeb2, with whose help you can easily create extensive graphics for your ICINGA2 monitoring.

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Who we are

Sector Nord AG has offered its customers open source expertise since 2001. Throughout Europe companies of all sizes rely on our comprehensive solution portfolio. Our focus is system management solutions, above all, our market-leading proprietary development SNAG-View. Other key competencies include ticket management with ((OTRS)) Community Edition, network management with NeDi and asset management (CMDB) with i-doit.

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More than 100 customers from all areas of business and public administration trust our software solutions and services.

Enterprisesystems for the IT infrastructure


SNAG-view is an easy to use, flexible and at the same time cost-effective ITSM suite for the enterprise - based on a certified version of the Nagios open source software.

((OTRS)) Community Edition is the leading open source help desk. It includes a professional ticket system, an ITIL compatible ITSM solution, mobile solutions, and a strong community!

The unique combination of technical documentation and service-oriented modelling makes i-doit your ally when it comes to IT planning, governance and administration.

NeDi can scan the network and help you locate all the devices on the network. NeDi can monitor traffic, view configurations and much more.

With "Vision" we have developed a module for the browser interface IcingaWeb2, with whose help you can easily create extensive graphics for your ICINGA2 monitoring.


The combination of all of these solutions is the ITSM connector; this ensures that all data are available on all systems, while offering maximum control over monitoring, your IT infrastructure and your help desk.

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We are happy to enhance our solutions for you and adapt the systems to suit your needs.



Sector Nord AG has more than 20 years' open source expertise.

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