Stefan Schäfer


Data processing merchant (IHK)
Extensive experience as consultant for high availability solutions.
Many years of management experience as IT manager with national and international projects.
Member of the board of directors of Sector Nord AG since 2001.

Claudia Schäfer


Bank merchant (IHK).
Many years of independent work as a finance consultant.
Since 2003 head of HR / Organisation / Partner Management at Sector Nord AG.
Since 2008 member of the board of Sector Nord AG.

Daniel Diekmann


IT Project Manager (IHK)
Many years of experience as ITSM consultant with extensive experience as IT project manager.
Since 2020 authorised signatory of Sector Nord AG.

Supervisory Board

Wolfgang Preuß

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Managing Director of Kruse and Preuß Steuerberater

Ulf Günther

Supervisory Board

Experience in the benefit-oriented linking of products and associated services as
Managing partner of Dolp Medical GmbH & Co. KG

Theo Budde

Supervisory Board

Managing Director of Buco Assest GmbH
Advisory board of the IHK Oldenburg (member of the general assembly)
2. chairman of the board of trustees of Bürgerstiftung Cloppenburg
Member of the Cloppenburg business circle
Member of the Small District of Oldenburg