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i-doit Development Partner

Sector Nord AG has been an i-doit development partner from the very beginning.

This gives us access to all necessary information for the development of high-quality i-doit add-ons and allows us to contribute code to the i-doit software ourselves.



i-doit Premium Partner

The strategic partnership between SECTOR NORD AG and synetics GmbH has been sealed.

synetics GmbH is a specialist for planning, implementing and maintaining adaptive infrastructure solutions.

Since 2004, the company has focused on developing open source software and offers a corresponding portfolio of support and maintenance services.

The i-doit application is an ITIL-based platform for IT documentation which contains the know-how and experience of more than 15 years of consultancy and technology praxis in a high-profile project environment.

You can document any common infrastructure with i-doit. To allow you to do this, the following objects types exist in i-doit:
•Servers, clients
•Network components: Routers, switches, patch panels
•Layer 2/3 networks
•Power: Power suppliers, uninterruptible power supplies, power outlets, distribution boards, etc.

The integration of i-doit sees a further fundamental IT infrastructure module find its way into SNAG-View - an established and powerful CMDB!



Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, has appointed Sector Nord AG as its new ISV Advanced Partner. Sector Nord AG offers cross-industry approaches for customised open source-based enterprise solutions. The main product at Sector Nord is SNAG-View, a monitoring tool which includes holistic and cost-effective, heterogeneous infrastructures and thus enables the intelligent combination of various open source projects.

Founded in 2001, Sector Nord AG relies on source-based solutions, Red Hat and its products are thus a very good fit for the development landscape. Sector Nord AG pursues the goal of maximising aspects such as quality, openness, reliability and ease of use to and continually develops its products with this objective in mind.

As a Red Hat ISV Partner, Sector Nord AG has direct access to tools and resources that help it match its products optimally with Red Hat's technologies. Through this partnership, Sector Nord AG can also serve customers that rely on Red Hat and is thus capable widening the installation platform for SNAG-View. Through the partnership, both companies have intensified their cooperation and thereby improved end customer satisfaction.



The Sector Nord AG is NeDi partner from the very beginning. Since version 2.5 the NeDi web interface is integrated into the SNAG-View interface and does excellent work in the investigation and monitoring of the networks of SNAG-View customers.

SNAG-View customers also profit directly from the close cooperation of both projects and the long-standing partnership with Remo Rickli. They can use the Pro version of NeDi, which offers numerous added values over the OpenSource version.


uib - opsi

Sector Nord AG is an opsi Technology Partner:

Intensive technical cooperation with uib gmbh, ensures the integration of opsi with other products.


Automatic software distribution to the PC (opsi client agent)
Automatic PC operating system installation using the opsi server
Hardware and software inventory
Support for multiple sites



SECTOR NORD AG is a VMware Technology-Alliance Partner! VMware is used worldwide for solving IT problems, from hosting legacy applications through server consolidation to monitoring the IT landscape.



SECTOR NORD AG is now also an official KNX Partner.

KNX - The global standard stands for mature and intelligent networking of modern home and building system technology. KNX controls the heating, lighting, blinds, ventilation and safety technology across all trades and as needed.



Since July 2023 SECTOR NORD AG is SMSEagle Authorized Sales Partner for the EU (excluding Greece and Sweden).

SMSEagle is the market leader in Europe!


SECTOR NORD AG is official GOLD-Partner!


SUSE Gold Partner