Inventarisierung von Hard- und Software


What is OCS Inventory?

OCS Inventory NG (Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation) is an open source software for automatic inventory of hardware and software components as well as entire networks. The software is available on the official website at for various operating systems.

The Sector Nord AG add-on offers an connector to import hardware and software objects from the OCS Inventory System directly into the i-doit CMDB. As an i-doit premium and development partner with special expertise, we released the OCS Inventory Add-on just in time for the i-doit pro release 1.18.2.

The OCS Add-on was an integral part of the i-doit core until release 1.18.2 and has now been added to our portfolio as a further add-on.



OCS-Inventory documentation download


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.4.3


- Fixed drag and drop of license file (#115)
- Updated icons to new i-doit design (#117)




i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.4.2

- Fixed bug with blacklist during monitor import (#111)
- Fixed bug with SNMP tablesdesc containing whitespaces (#112)




i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.4.1

- Added widget for OCS license warning (#104)

- Added option to filter monitor import from specific layer 3 networks (#103)

- Added option to configure preselected categories for import (#100)

- Fixed wrong sorting of import table (#105)

- Fixed net import if only empty category should be filled (#106)

- Fixed static image paths in configuration (#110)

i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.4.0



- Bugfix: Software with new version number now keeps the old license (#99)

- Fixed error message if no objects in ocs found (#101)

- Added new ocs category for connected devices: monitor, printer & input devices (keyboard, mouse...) (#32)

- Renamed old selectable category 'Devices' to 'Storage' (#32)

- Added folder structure for categories (#32)

- Added dynamic configuration for object type mapping (#70)

- Reorganized OCS configuration page (#70)

- Added option to ignore host addresses from unknown layer 3 networks (#71)

- Added option to skip configured applications by name during import (#69)

- Added import of monitors (#51)

- Added logbook source filter for OCS entries (#102)

i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.3.2


- Support for i-doit 27

- Bugfix: Overwrite empty values (#98)


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.3.1


- Fixed bug with blacklist from configuration (#96)

- Fixed creation of multiple version relations for applications (#97)


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.3.0


- Added SNMP import (OCS 2.0.7+ required)

- Bugfix: Fixed double import of graphic cards with no memory (#84)

- Added white- and blacklist for import objects with console (#85)

- Removed old SNMP import (#88)

- Bugfix: Fixed assigned software with different versions (#87)

- Improved logic for cutting out version number (#86)


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.2.2


- Added support for i-doit 25


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.2.1


- Bugfix: Changed type of category to improve settings
- Improved documentation


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.2.0


- Added OCS category to identify i-doit objects imported from OCS
- Display new object type in dropdown if selecting 'recalculate object type'
- Import category 'Last logged user' from OCS
- Option to use custom software object types
- Fixed bug with cutting version number from software name
- Fixed bug when importing clients with loopback address
- Fixed bug if OCS delivers incorrect CPU speed
- Fixed layout issue if object has multiple IP addresses




i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.1.1

- Added option to prevent updating existing serial numbers




i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.1.0

- Added option to change software name during import via Regular Expression (#33)
- Added option to prevent updating existing host addresses (#19)
- Added option to set object types that should not be imported (#7)
- Added option to set object cmdb states that should not be updated (e.g. scrapped) (#29)
- Added option to prevent importing IPv4 addresses (#31)
- Added free and used space for disks (#28)
- Fixed several bugs that caused too many logbook entries to be created (#26)
- Fixed bug with wildcards for tags to define the category (#13)
- Added support for i-doit 1.19 and php8 (#35, #39)
- More small improvements for better user experience (#34, #36)

i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.0.2

- Improved import button position (#17)
- Added page for licensing key (#27)


i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.0.1

- Added sortable import table
- Bugfix: Import filter with specific categories does work correctly now
- Bugfix: Added error message again if the connection settings are incorrect
- Bugfix: Fixed link to database configuration in error message
- Bugfix: optimized column-width of import table
- Added feedback link
- Resized popup to select categories
- Added licensing



227,00 without vat

1.000 objects

  • annual subscription


467,00 without vat

5.000 objects

  • annual subscription


875,00 without vat

10.000 objects

  • annual subscription


on request

variable number of objects

  • annual subscription

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