Inventarisierung von Hard- und Software


What is OCS Inventory?

OCS Inventory NG (Open Computer and Software Inventory Next Generation) is an open source software for automatic inventory of hardware and software components as well as entire networks. The software is available on the official website at for various operating systems.

The Sector Nord AG add-on offers an connector to import hardware and software objects from the OCS Inventory System directly into the i-doit CMDB. As an i-doit premium and development partner with special expertise, we released the OCS Inventory Add-on just in time for the i-doit pro release 1.18.2.

The OCS Add-on was an integral part of the i-doit core until release 1.18.2 and has now been added to our portfolio as a further add-on.



OCS-Inventory documentation download


OCS Add-on 1.0.1

- Added sortable import table
- Bugfix: Import filter with specific categories does work correctly now
- Bugfix: Added error message again if the connection settings are incorrect
- Bugfix: Fixed link to database configuration in error message
- Bugfix: optimized column-width of import table
- Added feedback link
- Resized popup to select categories
- Added licensing



227,00 without vat

1.000 objects

  • annual subscription


467,00 without vat

5.000 objects

  • annual subscription


875,00 without vat

10.000 objects

  • annual subscription


on request

variable number of objects

  • annual subscription

Your feedback

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