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Znuny 6.4.4

    • 6.4.4 2022-11-23

      • 2022-11-10 Fixed overlapping input list in search dialog.
      • 2022-11-09 Fixed displayed value for dynamic field type WebserviceText when template placeholder <OTRS_TICKET_DynamicField_*_Value> is being used. #297
      • 2022-11-02 Added missing migration for generic interface mapping module Znuny4OTRSAdvanced.
      • 2022-10-28 Sector Nord AG: Processmanagement AppointmentCreate - removed unnecessary filter on read permission for CalendarName. Thanks to Sector Nord AG (@LuBroering - Lukas Bröring). PR#302
      • 2022-10-27 Fixed "Invalid date/time string" errors in Thanks to Paweł Bogusławski (@pboguslawski). PR#311
      • 2022-10-26 Fixed sorting of SysConfig entity value types.
      • 2022-10-25 Added migration module to add dynamic fields 'TicketCalendarStartTime' and 'TicketCalendarEndTime'.
      • 2022-10-21 Agent error screen now shows navigation bar if possible.
      • 2022-10-13 Fixed SQL condition in Kernel::System::CustomerUser::DB::CustomerSearch.
      • 2022-10-12 S/MIME certificates will now be reindexed during Znuny migration.
      • 2022-10-12 Increased size of column "subject" of table "smime_keys".
      • 2022-10-11 Added input field for OAuth2 token scope to admin dialog.
      • 2022-10-07 Integrate DashboardMyLastChangedTickets. Thanks to Renée Bäcker (@reneeb). PR#177
      • 2022-10-07 Renamed changed settings from FrontendRichText::Path to Frontend::RichText::Path. Thanks to Emin Yazi (@eyazi), Efflux. Thanks to Tim Püttmanns (@tipue-dev), maxence. PR#304
      • 2022-10-05 Improved usability - AgentTicketBulk - Set DynamicField_NAMEUsed checkbox to true if it is set before or if dynamic field is mandatory.
      • 2022-09-29 Fixed bug - hour 0 is not possible in the default settings for TimeWorkingHours. Thanks to Sector Nord AG (@LuBroering - Lukas Bröring). PR#296
      • 2022-09-28 Sector Nord AG: Added Sysconfig options to control more settings of CKEditor. Thanks to Sector Nord AG (@jsinagowitz). PR#285
      • 2022-09-27 Fixed TransitionValidation CheckValueGet() - Added already replaced value 'FieldValue'.
      • 2022-09-27 Added FilterViews for FilterAppointments function.
      • 2022-09-27 Changed way of ticket acl checking for AgentTicketActionCommon from name to login.
      • 2022-09-26 Added missing HTML filter to AgentTicketZoom/MentionsTable template.
      • 2022-09-26 Fixed Bug in SupportDataCollector plugin for default user.
      • 2022-09-26 Added missing HTML filter to AgentTicketActionCommon template.
      • 2022-09-22 Prepared support for ICS calendar events attachments/string data. Prepared information section and modal dialog for calendar events to AgentTicketZoom view. Both not activated yet due to issues with WET/WEST timezone.