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Kerstin Strickstrack ist unsere neue Kollegin im Vertrieb

Am 01. Februar 2023 hat sich unser Team noch einmal vergrößert! Kerstin Strickstrack wird zukünftig die Kollegen im Vertrieb und die Geschäftsleitung tatkräftig unterstützen.

Herzlich willkommen im Team!


Icingaweb2 Vision 2.0.0

Key features

  • Vision 2.0.0 has been prepared to accommodate the new default IcingaDB data structure, fully taking advantage of it.
  • Role-based permissions can now be defined, with a specific 'vision/edit' permission that grants designated users the ability to create, update, and delete diagrams. Additionally, the 'restrictions' setting enables fine-grained access control for diagrams based on name prefixes (Please note that prefix restrictions are only compatible with the new IcingaDB data structure)
  • Have you ever wished to eliminate the 'icingaweb2' URL segment while retaining access to Vision? Now, you can.

Lesen Sie hier alle Details zum neuen Release