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i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on 1.2.0

Am 28.03.2023 wurde das i-doit pro OCS-Inventory Add-on Release 1.2.0 veröffentlicht.

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Icingaweb2 Vision 2.0.0

Key features

  • Vision 2.0.0 has been prepared to accommodate the new default IcingaDB data structure, fully taking advantage of it.
  • Role-based permissions can now be defined, with a specific 'vision/edit' permission that grants designated users the ability to create, update, and delete diagrams. Additionally, the 'restrictions' setting enables fine-grained access control for diagrams based on name prefixes (Please note that prefix restrictions are only compatible with the new IcingaDB data structure)
  • Have you ever wished to eliminate the 'icingaweb2' URL segment while retaining access to Vision? Now, you can.

Lesen Sie hier alle Details zum neuen Release