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i-doit 21 Changelog

[Task][Admincenter]          Replace iFrame from Admin Center > Support Tab with open link in a new browser tab
[Task][System settings]      Change operator for recommended php version in system overview
[Improvement][Notifications] Add new parameters for the notifications-send option of the i-doit console
[Improvement][Notifications] Add an interval function to the notifications configuration so notifications are sent in a defined interval
[Improvement][Console]       Add a new console command to list notification types and notification IDs
[Bug][CSV Import]            CSV-Import causes error
[Bug][API]                   Improve (API-) request runtime in comparison to 1.18.*
[Bug][QR-Codes]              File browsers submit the page, when trying to open the popup
[Bug][Validation]            Validation for a category also validates text fields from any custom categories
[Bug][CMDB]                  When using wiki links, fields are smaller than intended
[Bug][CMDB]                  Person group membership not displayed in archived contacts
[Bug][Search]                Related special characters are no longer found via search
[Bug][Custom categories]     Custom category with umlaut or special characters in title are not createable
[Bug][Custom categories]     User defined Category does not work with Attribute visibility
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Creating a report with Assigned Object fails
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Multi-value entries are only displayed once
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Attribute Object (Workplace components) does not work when adding parent location
[Bug][Report-Manager]        The connection endpoint > title does not show the name of the linked object
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Dialog+ multiple selection field entries are separated in Reports
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Contact assignment causes error in Report Manager
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Version number is not displayed correctly.
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Error when using location attribute in reports without linked attributes
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Filtering for dialog+ entries does not work correctly
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Creating report with Person(Person (Organisation)) causes error
[Bug][Report-Manager]        Assigned objects of persons is not displayed
[Bug][Update]                i-doit is updateable to Version 1.19 with outdated add-ons
[Bug][LDAP]                  If a Person attribute is emptied in the AD and the option to sync empty attributes is not set the logbook logs this not applied change
[Bug][LDAP]                  Ldap-sync database error
[Bug][Code (Internal)]       Defining a default dashboard is not possible
[Bug][Code (Internal)]       If a hostname of an object is changed by the reverse-nslookup the object type LC constant is stored as object type
[Bug][Lists]                 If the last object of a page >=2 is deleted an error message appears
[Bug][System settings]       Hiding description via hiding attributes feature does not work for custom categories
[Bug][List editing]          All interfaces are displayed in list edit of Ports
[Bug][Dashboard]             Correct the text displayed on the dashboard
[Bug][Print view]            Not translated language constants in print preview