Znuny 7.0.13

von Arthur Ritscher

Znuny 7.0.13


  • Added links for creating phone and email tickets and switch to customer to the customer user information center.
  • Added pagination for articles to the ticket detail view.
  • The keys of a dynamic field, type dropdown, can now be used in the link for the dynamic field.


  • Fixed the customer accept module.
  • Fixed the AgentInfo module.
  • Fixed the encoding of shown changes on subaction ViewDiff of AdminPackageManager. Thanks to Ziggy Trotter, Sector Nord AG. PR#486
  • Fixed ctrl+left click in ticket overviews. Thanks to Ziggy Trotter, Sector Nord AG. PR#487
  • Textarea element now expands in both directions. Thanks to Ziggy Trotter, Sector Nord AG. PR#489
  • Fixed queue_id in ticket history for the initial ticket. Thanks to Tim Püttmanns, maxence. PR#299
  • Fixed the non-working submenu in the header of the customer portal. #493
  • Fixed the decryption of S/MIME messages in Kernel::System::PostMaster::Filter::Decrypt, the wrong email address was used.
  • Switched back to d3.min.js because of problems with minifier module JavaScript::Minifier::XS.