((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.8

von Andreas Gerliz

Bug Fixes

  • Bug#13728 – Processes need to be deployed after update to Version 6.
  • Bug#13824 – Search conditions in AdminProcessManagement are resetted.
  • Bug#13880 – „Customer user“ field is cleared once the focus is lost in AgentTicketCustomer.
  • Bug#13889 – Postmaster filter value limit is 100 characters in frontend.
  • Bug#13868 – Customer User Title is not translated.
  • Bug#13870 – Content of Title and Subject columns are the same in Excel/CSV output of search.
  • Bug#13819 – ACL’s CompareMatchWithData floods the log when service is not in relation with customer user.
  • Bug#13883 – Several display issues in Admin Screen „Ticket Notification Management“.
  • Bug#13826 – Error The given param ‚QueueIDs‘ is invalid or an empty array reference.
  • Bug#13826 – Queue Names are translated (but should not).
  • Bug#13869 – Unexpected shadow in long Sysconfig entry.
  • Bug#13820 – Wrong UserID argument in AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent.
  • Bug#13827 – GenericInterface EventTrigger does not consider Asynchronous parameter during creation.
  • Bug#13732 – For mails with inline images and little text, the display area remains very small.
  • Bug#13821 – CustomerUserListFields: search result create a wrong entry.
  • Bug#13846 – Ticket invoker base module does not use modernized fields.
  • Bug#13795 – Transition Action ‚TicketTitleSet‘: Tag of a dyn. field type ‚date‘ display the time, too.
  • Bug#13850 – Problems with overridden SysConfig settings.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#7988 – Search attributes not consistent.
  • Bug#12864 – Hang in my_readline.
  • Bug#13855 – Some migration modules will be executed with every DBUpdate-to-6.pl run.
  • Bug#12686 – Wrong sorting order in the admin screen.
  • Bug#13836 – Filter in timeline view not being applied.
  • Bug#12994 – Merge Tickets with same linked objects causes error.
  • Bug#13818 – Dynamic field values of tickets are not displayed in customer ticket search result.
  • Bug#13764 – Mixed up plain and rich text body in process management when article is created.
  • Bug#13815 – The little arrow is cut off for articles.
  • Bug#13805 – Distribution OpenBSD is not recognized by support data collector.
  • Bug#11132 – Loss of attached files with long Cyrillic names.