((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.0.7

von Andreas Gerliz

Bug Fixes

  • Bug#13784 – Duplicated entry dialog button is not clickable for the same recipient.
  • Bug#13797 – Wrong URL for SecureMode in AdminSecureMode.tt.
  • Bug#13554 – Non-allowed characters in attachment file names.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#13676 – Column headers and tooltips are not translated.
  • Bug#13765 – Line numbers given in tags like <OTRS_AGENT_Body[50]> are not working.
  • Bug#13785 – When an article contains a longer subject the creation date is cut off in all article view.
  • Bug#13794 – Missleading label that customer can be recipient of notifications as group recipient.
  • Bug#13801 – Preview of internal article is shown to customer in ticket overview screen.
  • Bug#13782 – Set of customer dynamic field not possible while adding a customer user if AutoLoginCreation is active.
  • Bug#13126 – Process first activity cannot be changed to other activity.
  • Bug#13735 – Custom Logo is not supported for High Contrast skin.
  • Bug#13683 – Generic Agent Mail Filtering.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#13292 – Internal Server Error in ticket screens with missing articles in the file system.
  • Bug#13780 – Daemon does not recognize ACL or ProcessManagement changes.
  • Bug#13759 – Split Ticket – OTRS wants to close browser tab in IE11.
  • Bug#13750 – Process Widget Group not Translatable.
  • Bug#13737 – Not possible to add valid services to invalid parents when KeepChildren config is enabled.
  • Bug#13739 – Wrong Sysconfig descriptions for public interface.
  • Bug#13734 – Set the last valid Status Merge to invalid is allowed.
  • Bug#13462 – OTRS creates empty Kernel/Config/Files/User/\*.pm files.
  • Bug#13717 – AgentTicketService can slow down a system, when having many services and many agents working on there.
  • Bug#10709 – ACL for Action AgentTicketBulk are inconsistent.
  • Bug#5562 – Options configured in Sysconfig aren’t used untill a restart of OTRS when deployed on FastCGI.
  • Bug#13711 – Multiple GenericInterface default Invoker and Operation frontend issues.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#13164 – Certain AJAX Error Types are still unprocessed.
  • Bug#13710 – Maint::WebUploadCache::Cleanup fails if files are in folder upload_cache.
  • Bug#13537 – Changing customer user doesn’t update the Customer Information box.
  • Bug#13723 – Wrong navigation group for Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketProcess###StateType.
  • Bug#13718 – CacheTTLLocal setting for the TicketQueueOverview Dashboard Widget is not used.
  • Bug#13702 – Complex LinkObject Table configuration is broken when more than one kind if object is linked.
  • Bug#13578 – Untranslated words in Support Data Collector.
  • Bug#13673(PR#1899) – Mandatory fields are not marked as mandatory. Thanks to Balazs Ur.
  • Bug#7988 – Search attributes not consistent.
  • Bug#13693 – Email causes deadlock in Maint::Postmaster::Read.