Znuny 7.0.18

von Michaela Clemens


  • 2024-05-10 Fixed session handling while saving user preferences.
  • 2024-04-24 InnoDB is now the required default storage engine.
  • 2024-04-22 Integrated package Znuny4OTRS-BugfixCustomerUserDBPasswordCryptType.
  • 2024-04-19 Added support for two factor auth token parameter to generic interface. Thanks to Flávio Marta (@CallMeFlanby). #502
  • 2024-04-18 Fixed smart tag replacement for article subjects in process activity dialogs.
  • 2024-04-18 Improved AJAX subactions for AgentTicketEmailOutbound.
  • 2024-04-16 Fixed CSS class used for showing sort order of dynamic fields in customer ticket overview. 2024-04-04 Removed links to unsupported user modification functions from system configuration settings dialog.