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Strategische Partnerschaft mit synetics

The strategic partnership between SECTOR NORD AG and synetics GmbH has been sealed.

synetics GmbH is a specialist for planning, implementing and maintaining adaptive infrastructure solutions.

Since 2004, the company has focused on developing open source software and offers a corresponding portfolio of support and maintenance services.

The i-doit application is an ITIL-based platform for IT documentation which contains the know-how and experience of more than 15 years of consultancy and technology praxis in a high-profile project environment.

You can document any common infrastructure with i-doit. To allow you to do this, the following objects types exist in i-doit:
•Servers, clients
•Network components: Routers, switches, patch panels
•Layer 2/3 networks
•Power: Power suppliers, uninterruptible power supplies, power outlets, distribution boards, etc.

The integration of i-doit sees a further fundamental IT infrastructure module find its way into SNAG-View - an established and powerful CMDB!

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iX Output (03/2019)

The current iX issue (03/2019) contains an exciting article in which our team leader development, Gabriel Jülke, describes how the skilful combination of open source projects (i-doit, OTRS and SNAG-View or Icinga2) can become a flexible and highly professional enterprise solution for your IT service management. Central components of this holistic approach are the market-leading ITSM connectors from SECTOR NORD AG.

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Vision Beta-Release

With "Vision" we have developed a module for the browser interface IcingaWeb2, with whose help you can easily create extensive graphics for your ICINGA2 monitoring.

Start now free of charge into the beta and test Vision until 31.03.2018.

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We would like to thank all participants of the ITSM-SUMMIT 2018!

This year's ITSM-SUMMIT took place at THE FONTENAY Hamburg, and in line with the modern new location we presented our innovative approaches for your IT infrastructure together with our partners. We are especially pleased about the overwhelmingly positive feedback of the many participants, and we look forward to further or new cooperation with you all!

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