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Nagios core is vulnerable - SNAG-View is not affected!

The Nagios core has two critical vulnerabilities. For more information, go to Heise.


SNAG-View is not affected by these vulnerabilities!


SNAG-View does not use the Nagios GUI.


Only the "root" user can log in interactively on the SV server.

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Bike to work

This year two teams from Sector Nord AG are partaking in the anual campaign "bike to work".

We are trying to make biking to work as enjoyable as possible...

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SNAG-View at the CCEXPO / Messe Frankfurt

CCExpo - Professional communications, command and control solutions perfectly connected

CCExpo Critical Communications Expo is the neutral platform for mission critical information and communications, professional mobile radio (PMR) and control rooms in all fields of critical infrastructure at national and international level.

Our innovative monitoring solution can be viewed live at the exhibition booth of Wey Technology GmbH Hall CC stand C12!

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