((OTRS)) Community Edition moduls


For a better overview and a faster identification of tickets we have developed the module Colorize for the ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

With the Colorize module the ticket list views can be colored in many different ways. The tickets can be colored in the list views with the module either according to status or according to the membership of a queue. It is possible to change the background color or the font color in the list views. In order to avoid overlaps, the module has a prioritization system which can be used to determine which coloring has priority.

As an application example, the department tickets can be colored differently to make it easier for employees from different departments to identify their tickets. In another case, for example, tickets that are in escalation status can be colored red to highlight the urgency of the ticket.

The module has a simple and intuitive configuration mask in the admin area of the web front end, which allows the configuration and prioritization of the coloring. The colors can be set by selecting them in a color palette or by entering an HTML color code/hex code.

The Colorize module is available for ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6.



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