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i-doit 1.18 Changelog

[Improvement][Password Encryption 2.0] New Cryptohashing for user passwords
[Improvement][Custom categories] New field type "Number field" in the custom categories
[Improvement][Custom categories] Dependencies for dialog+ fields in custom categories
[Improvement][Custom categories] Use variables in custom categories
[Improvement][System settings] Free defineable COUNTER variables
[Improvement][Import] Net zones are not assigned to objects imported from JDisc

[Bug][CSV Import] Export custom categories of type report in csv
[Bug][Authorization system] Archive and delete right has no effect for "objects below a logical location".
[Bug][Authorization system] Creating a report changes the permissions system and assigns new permissions
[Bug][Authorization system] Users automatically get full access to objects they create
[Bug][Authorization system] Right assignment for object type "Container" possible
[Bug][Authorization system] Improved naming for rights, permitting access to content below a defined object
[Bug][Authorization system] Clean up for permissions, relating to objects below a physical/logical location
[Bug][Authorization system] Sometimes, the same permission is shown more than once
[Bug][Authorization system] User settings: Presence not configurable
[Bug][Authorization system] The Layer 2 Net > Assigned ports category for Layer 2 Net objects cannot be edited
[Bug][Categories] The attribute "Last revision" of the documents category should be displayed in the object list
[Bug][Categories] Unneccessary information about missing create right when editing an object
[Bug][Categories] List of assigned object of a license cannot be sorted
[Bug][Categories] Net areas are not loaded in the filters for the object list view

[Bug][Categories] New mode selectable per default for ports ("Stacking")

[Bug][Categories] The position of the label of the empty values filter is not related to the checkboxes

[Bug][Categories] Sorting ports and connectors in the cabling browser

[Bug][Categories] If contract assignments are detached an empty category entry with "{}" as the designation remains

[Bug][JDisc] Do not create new person objects but link existing ones

[Bug][JDisc] New JDisc custom attribute type is not imported to i-doit

[Bug][JDisc] Import of address assignment field from JDisc

[Bug][Report-Manager] Report does not display attributes when outputting the "People" subcategory from the "Organization" category

[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager does not replace Placeholder

[Bug][Report-Manager] Report Manager: Parameters in the condition change when opening a report

[Bug][Report-Manager] Wrong values when listing information from category Computing resources in a report

[Bug][Report-Manager] Improved information about report type during creation

[Bug][API] Person Groups cannot be added via Person -> Persons group memberships

[Bug][Custom categories] In custom categories at the Object-Relationship field type the relationship type cannot be saved

[Bug][OCS] OCS Import: If Multi Value categories are imported there are duplicate entries

[Bug][Code (internal)] "Changes" parameter of the signals contains no array

[Bug][Code (internal)] 500er Error if no object browser entry is selected for editing

[Bug][Code (internal)] Legend of Net disappears when scrolling down

[Bug][Code (internal)] Database Folder icons are not displayed

[Bug][LDAP] For an LDAP filter with * as a placeholder no objects are imported

[Bug][Search] Global search for "%aa" causes SQL Error

[Bug][Search] Search finds archived/deleted objects, even if they are excluded by system setting, if their content is modified after changing the state of the object to archived/deleted

[Bug][Search] If the object type of an object is changed, the object will be found with both object types in the search

[Bug][Import] LDAP/AD import ignores the default template for object types

[Bug][Import] Exported objects that are installed vertically in cabinets are mapped incorrectly by XML import

[Bug][Import] CSV import by comma-separated multi-value attributes of a user-defined category

[Bug][Import] Importing SIM cards - cards with linked cellular phones does not create a relationship

[Bug][List editing] Custom categories that have a report field cannot be opened in list editing

[Bug][Validation] Duplicate objects bypasses the configured validation

[Bug][Validation] Description field in custom categories cannot be set to mandatory in the validation

[Bug][Logbook] Logbook entries of assigned workplace components and assigned workstation are only shown in one direction

[Bug][Lists] Sort by roles in groups of people > Members does not sort correctly

[Bug][Lists] For solved single relations {} are displayed in the list view

[Bug][Lists] Available licenses aren't shown correctly in list view(core-based)

[Bug][Lists] In our lists the pager icon for "previous page" is missing

[Bug][CMDB] Language constant for the root location does not work everywhere

[Bug][CMDB] Propose Passwort variant "Stark" is not translatet into english

[Bug][Objects] Changes in categories are not output correctly via the Events add-on

[Bug][CMDB settings] Special characters for custom categories with JavaScript fields are cleaned up

[Bug][Object type configuration] Icons for the object tree are in the wrong folder

[Bug][Notifications] Type for notifications in german version



(Un)Sportliche Informatiker

Dass nicht alle Informatiker dem unsportlichen Klischee entsprechen bewies die Sector Nord AG zum wiederholten Male mit ihrer Teilnahme beim diesjährigen IHK Ausbildungslauf am 6. September 2013. Und wir haben sogar einen Treppchenplatz ergattert.

Vorstand Stefan Schäfer, die Mitarbeiter Udo Stachowiak und Christian Wreden sowie die drei Auszubildenden Matthias Bouws, Martin Haubold und Gabriel Jülke stellten sich dem zwölf Kilometer langen Rundkurs um das Bad Zwischenahner Meer.